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Мавзолей Сейфеддина Бохарзи (XIV - XVI вв.)

Seyfeddin Bokharzi's mausoleum (the XIV-XVI centuries). The mausoleum is built up over burial of the famous Central Asian mystic. In the 14th century the main rooms and in the XV-XVI centuries - the entrance portal were built. The mausoleum has the impressive forms and at the same time attracts with the simplicity and clarity. The building has a complicated plan - a tomb-gurkhana, the room of commemorations - a ziyeratkhan. Over them two domes - big and small. The main entrance is allocated with a strong peshtak with three-quarter turrets on corners. There is no decor neither outside, nor inside. Only the rich element in the decorative relation is the magnificent wooden gravestone of the 14th century established in the gurkhena.