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Медресе Надир - Диван - Беги

Nadir Divan's madrasah run (1622), it was initially constructed as a caravanserai, but in 1630 it was transformed to madrasah. Interestingly good proportions of a facade and the remains of images of fallow deer, fantastic birds in timpana of arches. Nevertheless outdoor part of madrasah several template. Today in the yard for tourists concerts of the masters of Bukhara, display of fashionable clothes made especially of natural fabrics of Uzbekistan, which can be got on the end of demonstration, are arranged. Often employees of travel agencies will organize in this place and a dinner of the ethnic cuisine.

Architecture and arrangement
Madrasah Nadir Sofa Run is in east part of the square of Lyabi-house, opposite to a hanaka of Nadir-Divan-Begi, thus, forming from a hanaky kosh. On the central line of a kosh is house Divan-Begi. Alteration of madrasah from the karvan-shed is indicated by planning of the building: in it there is no lecture hall, typical for madrasah, and around the courtyard there are one hudzhra. In architecture of Central Asia, as a rule, instead of a main entrance on an axis of the portal place a trellised window, and the portal disperses in different wings of the building. However, in madrasah of Nodir-Begi the narrow entrance conducts directly to the courtyard. The portal of madrasah is decorated by mosaic images of fallow deer and two birds simurg which look at the sun. The remains of mosaics are visible also on side facades.
Interesting facts
In the 19th century residents of Bukhara considered that Nadir a sofa - run was an envoy at Catherine II's yard and madrasah was constructed on funds which were generously allocated by the empress whose board began 107 years later the ends of construction of madrasah. On a legend, Nadir a sofa run planned to open a caravanserai and to earn additionally properly, the area of Lyabi-house was at that time the brisk floor space therefore, from lodgers there would be no release. But there was a slip: during opening the khan Imamkuli in forces of the reasons called a construction of madrasah, spiritual school. As a result of Nadir of a divan begi left plans to earn additionally and gave the building to believers especially as it was opposite to the hanaka constructed by the same unlucky a sofa run. However, it was not in vain and Nadir deserved glory of the big patron and defender Islam.