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Мечеть Магоки-Курпа

The mosque Magoki-kurpa (Magoki of a kurp — the Hole of blankets) — the mosque of the 1637th year of construction, is in the historic center of Bukhara, there is near a trade dome Telpak-Furushon, one of two "underground" (magok) mosques of Bukhara

The first floor of the mosque to a half is hidden by an occupation layer therefore she is nicknamed underground, magok the Second part of the name, a kurp (tadzh. the krpa — a blanket), is connected with the name of the quarter in which the mosque is.

The mosque is two-storeyed, dome type, and a dome are arranged in both floors. On the first floor of a dome on sails domes of the second floor on four columns of oktogonalny section are based upon poles, and. Rub from top domes — stalactite, other on thyroid sails