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Мечеть Боло - Хауз (17-19 в.)

Complex of Bolo-house — the architectural complex which is on Registan of Bukhara, consisting of the mosque, a minaret and a house. The history Mosque bolo-house before Revolution served as the main Friday mosque of Bukhara, in it the Bukhara emir prayed. The winter mosque and house were built in the 1712th year, in the 1917th year the facade of the winter mosque was covered with a painted ayvan of the summer mosque on hypertrophied extended columns, the same year the architect Shirim Muradov built a minaret.

Design and architecture
The mosque is built up as the big quarter mosque and has winter and summer speak rapidly. A winter part are four columned hall having several entrances. A summer part is ayvan, the winter hall of the mosque surrounding with itself from three parties. Columns of an ayvan are made of a tree in the form of stalactites and serve for support of a ceiling of an ayvan therefore; they are strengthened on the concrete base. The columns, which are from one of the face parties of an ayvan, are executed especially — they form a main entrance in ayvan and then the winter mosque. Registration of an interior is characteristic of XIX — the beginning of the 20th centuries.